Amy Parsons

President of Colorado State University

Anthony Bradley

Professor of Religious Studies and Director, Center for the Study of Human Flourishing, The King's College

Mordecai Ian Brownlee

President, Community College of Aurora

Kelly Caufield

Executive Director, Common Sense Institute

Senator James Coleman

State Senator, Colorado; Founder, FaithBridge

Ivette Diaz

Program Officer, Stand Together Foundation

David Eaton

CEO and Cofounder, Axis

Jenet Erickson

Fellow, Wheatley Institute and the Institute for Family Studies; Columnist, Deseret News National Edition

Daniel Garza

President, The LIBRE Institute

Jeremy Haefner

Chancellor, University of Denver

Helen Young Hayes

CEO and Founder, ActivateWork

Deborah Hendrix

Executive Director, Parents Challenge

Jason Janz

Chief Executive Officer, CrossPurpose

Mike Johnston

Mayor, Denver

Rebecca Knudsen

Founder and Clinical Director of Thrive Relational Recovery

Brent Orrell

Senior Fellow, AEI

Naomi Schaefer Riley

Senior Fellow, AEI

Ian Rowe

Senior Fellow, AEI

Tamra Ryan

Coors Economic Mobility Fellow, Common Sense Institute

Isabel Soto

Director of Policy, The LIBRE Institute

Ruth N. López Turley

Director, Kinder Institute for Urban Research